The Palpable Impact of Pava LaPere

Our very own Pava LaPere has been nominated for's Impact Leader of the Year. And we cannot think of a more fitting title for all of the work that she does. What exactly is the extent of Pava's impact? Read on to find out.

Emergence Baltimore co-founder Pava LaPere has been racking up recognition from the Baltimore innovation community.

On the heels of her Baltimore Business Journal 40 under 40 recognition, she has been nominated for's Impact Leader of the Year award. And it's easy to see why.

Pava is the founder of EcoMap Technologies and Urban Harbor Media as well as the cofounder of Emergence Baltimore/Innov8MD/AddVenture/Bmore Baskets. That's six ventures for those of you keeping score at home.

How does Pava do it all? Well, that's still a bit of a mystery to our team. But it's not magic - it's hard work. We view day in and day out the kind of energy that she brings to the table. We receive the 2 am emails and text messages. And we see her somehow smiling through it all the next morning.

Perhaps a more compelling question is why does Pava do it all? It's definitely not for awards or recognition. In fact, the idea of "campaigning" for this award at all mortifies her. But our team has taken the reigns of this campaign because we believe so strongly in her Why.

Everything Pava does boils down to a simple concept:

Entrepreneurs can save the world. They just need some assistance to do so.

It was the mission of her very first non-profit venture while an undergrad at Johns Hopkins - TCO Labs - which promoted undergraduate entrepreneurship and getting more involved in the Baltimore innovation ecosystem.

Pava along with members of the TCO Labs team

It's why at the onset of COVID-19 we spun up BMore Baskets - an initiative that drove thousands of dollars into Baltimore small businesses while promoting their products.

Pava smiling with a
Bmore Basket in hand

It's the driving force behind EcoMap - which creates beautifully designed resource maps that help entrepreneurs to explore all resources and support organizations available to them. In fact, if you're a Baltimore-based innovator, you need to check out Baltimore's EcoMap right now. Hundreds of resources, organizations, and opportunities are just a few clicks away.

And finally - it's the reason we co-founded Emergence Baltimore. We know that economic development can be achieved through fostering local entrepreneurship. This mission is what drove us to go from idea conception to move-in day in just 6 weeks over the summer. It keeps driving us each day now that the inaugural cohort is all under one roof.

So why should you vote for Pava as Baltimore's Impact Leader of the Year? We'll let's own Stephen Babcock explain why through his write-up on the nominee page:

Pava recording content for
Emergence Baltimore

A tightly knit entrepreneurial community can help propel folks to start new ventures, and hit the milestones they need to keep going to grow businesses in Baltimore.

This is at the heart of the many organizations where LaPere is on the key organizing team, whether it’s the resource discovery platform EcoMap, accelerator programs for students or college entrepreneurship nexus Innov8MD.

In launching each, LaPere has brought an entrepreneurial approach, spearheading the development of infrastructure that’s needed and a willingness toward testing and iterating.

The need to be adaptive to the environment has been on view this year, whether it was spinning up a summer pre-accelerator for college students called Addventure or launching a live-in accelerator that’s bringing founders to Baltimore.

Pava and our whole Emergence Baltimore team can't wait to keep propelling our entrepreneurs to start new ventures, regardless of the outcome of this vote.

But please, exercise your digital democratic duty and #Vote4Pava as Baltimore's Impact Leader of the Year by October 5th!

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