How Emergence Baltimore ... Emerged: A Podcast with Paul Burke of Coliving Circle

Emergence Baltimore co-founder Kevin Carter and Coliving Circle founder Paul Burke chat about Emergence's emergence, creating community during COVID, and the future of co-living.

Emergence Baltimore was just a half-baked concept on July 25, 2020.

It's now early October 2020 and we're over three weeks into our inaugural cohort.

What the hell happened over the last ten weeks in order to get to this point? That's the topic of conversation between Emergence Baltimore co-founder Kevin Carter and the host of the Coliving Circle podcast Paul Burke.

Kevin and Paul diverge into a handful of topics around Emergence Baltimore including:

  • Kevin's entrepreneurial journey before Emergence Baltimore
  • Launching an accelerator 6 weeks from the conception of the idea
  • Creating a community during COVID
  • Balancing co-living and co-working
  • The future of Emergence Baltimore

On behalf of the whole Emergence Baltimore team, we want to give a huge shoutout to Paul Burke for taking an interest in our story and a platform to share it. And if you're ever in the market to secure your own co-living situation - be sure to check out Coliving Circle. It's a fantastic repository of fully furnished units that have flexible lease lengths and all-inclusive pricing.

Listen to the full podcast here on YouTube.

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