Emergence Baltimore

Program Overview

Emergence is the only live-in accelerator in Baltimore, MD. But we're also unique in other ways. We provide a fully immersive, all inclusive program focused on helping founders build their ventures - whether that is a small business, growth startup, or revenue-generating nonprofit.

Our cohort founders are hand-selected to ensure a strong community fit, and our curriculum & mentors are custom selected to meet the needs of our actual cohort. The focus of the program is helping you make massive progress on your business and forging strong bonds with other founders.

Elements of Emergence

Emergence is not your average accelerator. It is an all-inclusive, on-site program focused on the growth & wellness of the founder

Community Living
During COVID, it can be hard to find a community that understands your goals. With Emergence, you'll work alongside other founders who are equally dedicated to their ventures as you are in a safe & controlled environment
Customized Curriculum
The Emergence curriculum, mentors, and deliverables are all custom-built to meet the needs of the specific cohort founders and their businesses. Nothing is off-the-shelf content that you could find online
Health & Wellness
Founders need to stay on top of their physical and mental fitness. Cohort members receive free group fitness training, yoga, and meditation sessions led by certified, in-house experts
Perks & Benefits
Founders live in fully-furnished rooms with private bathrooms. There is an on-site gym, private patio, and gated parking. Additionally, founders get access to business-building perks and discounts


Many accelerators look at the Venture as their unit of analysis. We know that strong ventures don't exist without strong Founders, so we focus our programming on you, the Founder
Are Cofounders Allowed?
In order to preserve the cohort-feel and community bonding, only one founder per venture is allowed.
Is there an age range or other restrictions?
Nope! We welcome founders from all backgrounds, races, ages, orientations, religions, and beliefs. We try to create cohorts full of diverse, distinct, but complimentary personalities.
1. You're Coachable
We look for founders who are open to feedback and learning from mentors, their peers, and market research. Emergence will be a learning experience and we want founders who will approach it with an open mind.
2. You're Here to Make Progress
Emergence is all about making substantial progress on your venture. We look for founders who are fully dedicated to accomplishing critical milestones during their three months living at Kindred Hall.
3. You're Looking for Community
Emergence is a philosophical term that describes an ecosystem that is greater than the sum of its parts. While living with your fellow founders, you will be expected to contribute to the community in order to make everyone within it stronger.

Program Cost

Unlike many accelerators, Emergence does not take any equity in your venture - program expenses are covered by rent. In order to make the program accessible, Full & Limited Scholarships are available for each cycle.
Covers a fully furnished private room & bathroom, shared kitchen, living, & office space.
Community Fee
Covers 1 meal a day, utility & cleaning costs, personal training, yoga classes & cohort activities.
Total each month
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Monthly cost comparison
Average area rent for private room & bath
Cost of coworking space for 1 person
Cost of fitness training, yoga, & wellness sessions
Cost of snacks, drinks, 1 meal/day
Cost separately
Cost with Emergence (Scholarships Available)

Everything a Founder Needs, All in One

Emergence is a totally

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Fall Cohort

Sep 15th - Dec 15th
Live-in Cohort
During the Fall Cohort, 4-6 founders are selected to move into Kindred Hall for September 15th - December 15th. While the cohort spends Thanksgiving together, this allows participants to go home for the December holiday season.
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Spring Cohort

Feb 1st - May 1st
Live-in Cohort
Applications Open
The Spring Cohort runs from February to May, allowing participants to leave before school graduation season. Like in fall, 4-6 founders are selected into the program, based on our unique cohort-matching process
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Summer Cohort

June 1st - July 31st
Open Cohort: Participants do not live in
The Summer Cohort is a non-live in program, and we welcome up to 30 founders to participate. Because of the larger size and shorter duration, the Summer Cohort is focused on basic venture education and forging community connections.
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Have further questions about Emergence Baltimore? Here are some answers!
If you have additional questions, please reach out to us directly at team@emergencebaltimore.org
Does Emergence take equity in my venture?
Nope! We do not take any equity or revenue share of any venture that participates. Our expenses are covered by the rent that is paid by participants, and by hosting events in non-COVID times.
Is Emergence only for growth startups?
Nope! Anyone with a revenue-focused business can apply. We hand select all cohorts so that you are living and working with founders with complementary personalities and ventures.
What stage of business are you looking for?
Emergence does not have a specific stage focus. Instead, we take a holistic look at all applications and identify a cohort with similar ventures at a similar stage. As with most accelerators, we work with "early" stage ventures, which range from idea to post-revenue businesses.
Can I live at the space before/after the program?
Housing at Emergence is provided for the 3 month program. You can move in/out slightly before/after the start/end dates, but otherwise we need to turn around the space for the next cohort. If accepted, we can help you find a subletter to cover your existing apartment, and help you find Baltimore housing after the program ends
our process


A glimpse of the Emergence Baltimore process
September 15th

Fall Cohort Starts

December 11th

Fall Demo Day

December 15th

Fall Cohort Ends

August 28th

Deadline to Accept

Sep 7-15th

Move In

Sep 15th

Fall Cohort Starts

Nov 26th

Harvest Celebration

Dec 11th

Demo Day

Dec 15th

Fall Cohort Ends


Ready to Go?

The Fall Cohort starts on September 15th. Follow its progress on Instagram @emergencebaltimore. Applications for the Spring cohort are open now and close November 30th.

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Whether you are a growth startup, small business, or revenue-focused nonprofit, we welcome your application to Emergence. We will hand-craft each cohort to ensure you're working alongside founders with similar businesses, personalities, and aspirations.