The Emergence program is focused on providing you customized attention to help you make immense progress on your business during your stay

Mentors Matched to your Needs.

Many accelerators pre-select mentors before ever meeting their cohort ventures. While this is great for marketing, it's not so great for the ventures, who are stuck with mentors who may or may not match their actual needs.

At Emergence, we take a different approach. After deciding on our cohort, we use our vast contact network to reach out to mentors on a case-by-base basis, ensuring we are getting you the advice that you actually need.

The Emergence Difference

Mentors custom-picked for cohort ventures
Curriculum customized to meet the needs of the cohort
Focus on making progress on your venture, not boring you with presentations
Complete immersion into the program
24/7 access to live-in mentors, fitness coaches, and wellness experts
The Emergence ethos

Progress Rules All.

At Emergence, we don't believe in wasting your time checking boxes on a curriculum. We want you to make meaningful strides getting your business launched or growing your operations.

When you start the program, we'll sit down 1-1 to learn about where you are at, and where you want to be at the end of 3 months. Then we'll come up with a milestone plan, and help you stick to it.

Emergence is about making progress on your business and building strong relationships with your cohort peers. Everything else is secondary.

Program Perks

As with any accelerator, Emergence comes with a variety of perks to help you move forward with your business
Software Discounts & Credits
Whether you need AWS credits or access to a free year of Hubspot, we'll get you set up on the software programs that help you manage your business
Design & Development Consulting
If you need to build a website or develop an application, our live-in experts will provide both design and development assistance. If there's something we can't help with, we'll connect you to a local expert who can
Legal & Accounting Office Hours
For those questions that just can't be handled by a mentor, we'll set up office hours with a local law or accounting firm to make sure you're business is staying in tip-top shape
Connection to Funding Sources
We have close relationships with a variety of investors, including venture capitalists, loan providers, and grantmakers. We'll help connect you to the people who can make meaningful investments into your company
*Demo Day, scheduled for Dec 11th 2020, is COVID permitting. Kindred Hall's size allows us to host larger events while maintaining social distancing protocols. However, if it is not safe to host an event come December, we will switch to a virtual format.

Demo Day

At the end of the program, we host an event* meant to get you exposed to investors representing a variety of capital paths.

Instead of trying to attract the largest audience possible, we hand-select attendees from our network that we think will add the most value to our cohort founders. Then, you spend the night showing off your business and securing the resources you need.