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About Emergence

Emergence Baltimore was founded in order to provide entrepreneurs a safe & productive environment where they can go all-in on building their businesses, even during COVID.

Community in Entrepreneurship

Emergence Baltimore is more than just an accelerator. We're a community.

Drive Ground-Up Economic Growth
Cities prosper when their entrepreneurs are given proper resources to build, launch, and scale their businesses. Emergence Baltimore has a focus on real businesses, creating real jobs, generating newfound economic opportunities for their employees.
Create Welcoming Spaces in our Cities
Emergence Baltimore is open to founders from all over the country, not just the Charm City. We provide a a warm introduction to Baltimore, its entrepreneurial community, and other key resources in order to make this city feel like home for as long as you are here.
Promote Community-Centric Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship doesn't happen in a vacuum. Early stage businesses are often only as strong as their community that supports them. We're here to help expand our founders' community by creating a rising tide that lifts all ships.
Support Founders from All Backgrounds
We are proud of the diversity within our team - in race, gender, life experience, and passion. We believe this makes us more well-equipped to support ventures and founders no matter their background.
kindred hall

The Space that Makes it Happen

Kindred Hall is a 4,000+ sqft unit in the Ministry Lofts Complex. Originally the parish hall of Saint Michael's Church, 6 living units were added to the original theatre to create the space that now houses Emergence Baltimore.

The live-in program wouldn't be possible without this unique space, which highlights Baltimore's famous architecture and history. While Kindred Hall was initially acquired for event rentals, COVID presented a unique opportunity to transform it into a live-in accelerator to support emerging entrepreneurs.

Our Goals

Creating a Community Space Despite COVID
We recognize that COVID-19 has forced communities around the globe to alter the way that they interact with one another. Through Emergence, we are giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to live, work, and build within a community of their fellow founders in a safe & controlled environment.
Economic Growth Through Entrepreneurship
We know that businesses - whether they are retail stores or tech startups - create economic growth within cities. We are focused on supporting businesses that create jobs and generate a positive impact on their community and stakeholders - whether they are small business, growth startup, or nonprofit models.
Support Local Baltimore Businesses
We are dedicated to filling Kindred Hall with art, food, and other supplies sourced from local Baltimore businesses. If you're a business that wants to host a pop-up, have our cohorts test out your products, use our space to showcase your art, or otherwise partner with the program, get in touch!
Most of the Emergence Team lives on-site at Kindred Hall. Adjacent to the large atrium space, where cohort participants live, are two full apartment units that house our community directors and live-in mentors

Meet Our Team

We're a group of individuals passionate about supporting in Baltimore and driving community development through entrepreneurship

Program Team

Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter is the co-founder of the accelerators at Johns Hopkins University. After attending Georgetown University, Kevin was recruited by Johns Hopkins to spearhead the development of FastForward U, the university's entrepreneurship division. He also co-founded a venture that helped raise awareness of local businesses, and has worked with 1776, a renowned accelerator in Washington, DC. Kevin was a Venture for America fellow, and has risen within the organization to become a program mentor for incoming fellows.
Program Team

Pava LaPere

Pava LaPere is a serial entrepreneur, having founded two nonprofits related to entrepreneurial education, a for-profit company that pioneered the use of AI in entrepreneurial ecosystem mapping, a web development company, and the official accelerator programs at Johns Hopkins University, where she is also an alum. Pava focuses on how we can build more equitable and accessible entrepreneurial ecosystems using innovation and technology, and is passionate about entrepreneurial education.
Community Team

Daniel DeVivo

Daniel DeVivo is a filmmaker and Fulbright Fellow who graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Social Anthropology. His documentaries adopt opposing-viewpoints with the aim of encouraging public discussion around complex social issues. Crossing Arizona, for example, examines the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment and migrant death along the US/Mexico border. The film was an Official Selection of the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and is used as an educational resource to date. Daniel is eager to use his creative skill set to promote entrepreneurship and community resilience in Baltimore City.
Community Team

Les Gray

Les Gray is a Baltimore based artist and teacher. She taught at the John Hopkins Baltimore Youth Film Arts Program and is the film and photography instructor at the Baltimore School for the Arts. Les is also a certified 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher instructor and will be lead the cohort's daily movement and mindfulness practices.
Community Team

Ali Rachidi

Ali Rachidi graduated in 2020 with a bachelor in Computer Science and International Studies from Johns Hopkins University. As a personal trainer, he enjoys sharing his passion for fitness, self-care and mental health. He currently works as a machine learning engineer at Sonavi Labs, a startup that creates medical devices and software rooted in AI and applied to auscultation.
Creative Team

Kham Owens

Kham Owens is a cinematographer from Washington, D.C. with a passion for the arts, filmmaking, and photography. A graduate of Baltimore's Notre Dame, Kham is excited about creating content that will help rising entrepreneurs get noticed and reach their goals.
Creative Team

Fransisco Flores

Francisco Flores Pizano is an Interdisciplinary Scholar and Interactive Audio Visual Art Designer. His vision is an exercise to find the aesthetics of well-being and self-realization. Inspired by growth and human evolution in spirituality and technology, he works with artists and activists using technology and art to engage with the narrative of sustainable living in urban spaces.

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