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This holiday season means life or death for hundreds of small businesses across Baltimore. It's up to all of us to ensure that they make it through.
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Emergence Baltimore is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting localism in Baltimore.

Our mission is to increase the competitiveness of small businesses by advocating for their needs, promoting their offerings, and matching them up with local talent.

A Force for local

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Are you a small business in need of help, or an individual who wants to help Small Businesses? Sign up to the Force for Local, which connects small businesses in need of assistance with free talent
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About Emergence

Supporting Local Businesses isn't Charity - it's a Necessity

Local businesses make up the fabric of our community, economy, and society. However, during COVID, local businesses have struggled to compete as foot traffic has plummeted, people have shifted their purchasing online, and large stores have leveraged economies of scale to out-compete local shops.

of the US workforce is employed by Small Businesses
of local businesses may close due to COVID
of all jobs will disappear if this happens

Over 100,000 small businesses have already shut down due to COVID, and even more stand to be permanently shuttered. Emergence Baltimore is doing our small part to help prevent this from happening so that we all can continue to enjoy the magic that local businesses bring to our community.

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Our Keystone Program

The Emergence Fellowship

COVID has forced many small businesses to compete digitally, even though many small business owners do not have the time, resources, or technological capacity to drive the same volume of digital sales. In the Emergence Fellowship, six Fellows form a Force for Local Businesses, executing on initiatives that help local businesses promote and sell their products.

Small Businesses

If you are a Baltimore-based businesses in need of assistance on your website/e-commerce setup, product photography, social media management, or digital marketing, apply to be one of six businesses selected for the Spring 2021 Emergence Fellowship cohort

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If you are an individual with digital skills who is passionate about supporting small businesses, apply to be an Emergence Fellow, where you will live on-site for 6 weeks at Emergence as you work alongside five other passionate fellows to help execute on projects submit by local businesses

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Our Mission
We know that local businesses are what make our city amazing, and we are laser-focused on helping them succeed. Through our Buy Local Baltimore Navigator, Force for Local Campaign, and BMore Baskets program, we're helping raise awareness of local businesses, build their internal capacity, and encourage local purchasing.

Only together can we shift the trend away from corporatism and bring about a resurgence of the local businesses that make our communities great places to live, learn, and work.
Kevin Carter
President of Emergence Baltimore
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Emergence Baltimore, Inc. is a Baltimore-based nonprofit (501(c)3 pending).
Your 100% tax deductible donations allow us to keep our our platforms and programs free of charge to small businesses and participants
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Want to catch up on all the news & happenings in the world of Emergence Baltimore? Take a look through our blog posts that highlight our local initiatives as well as the small businesses that we serve.
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Who We Are

Meet Our Team

The Emergence Baltimore team is a group of entrepreneurs and creatives who believe that the success of small businesses means the success of our city. We volunteer our time to run these programs in order to give back to the community we call home
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Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter is the co-founder of the accelerators at Johns Hopkins University. After attending Georgetown University, Kevin was recruited by Johns Hopkins to spearhead the development of FastForward U, the university's entrepreneurship division. He also co-founded a venture that helped raise awareness of local businesses, and has worked with 1776, a renowned accelerator in Washington, DC. Kevin was a Venture for America fellow, and has risen within the organization to become a program mentor for incoming fellows.
Buy Local Navigator Lead
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Pava LaPere

Pava LaPere is a serial entrepreneur, having founded two nonprofits related to entrepreneurial education, a for-profit company that pioneered the use of AI in entrepreneurial ecosystem mapping, a web development company, and the official accelerator programs at Johns Hopkins University, where she is also an alum. Pava focuses on how we can build more equitable and accessible entrepreneurial ecosystems using innovation and technology, and is passionate about entrepreneurial education.
Social Media Lead
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Ali Rachidi

Ali Rachidi graduated in 2020 with a bachelor in Computer Science and International Studies from Johns Hopkins University. As a personal trainer, he enjoys sharing his passion for fitness, self-care and mental health. He currently works as a machine learning engineer at Sonavi Labs, a startup that creates medical devices and software rooted in AI and applied to auscultation.
Content Lead
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Kham Owens

Kham Owens is a cinematographer from Washington, D.C. with a passion for the arts, filmmaking, and photography. A graduate of Baltimore's Notre Dame, Kham is excited about creating content that will help rising entrepreneurs get noticed and reach their goals.
BMore Baskets Lead
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Emani Symone

Creative Lead
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Simdi Onyilofor

It Takes a Force

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Emergence Baltimore would not be possible without the support of our Partners, who help us execute our three initiatives
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