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Meet the Fall Cohort
Meet Emergence

3 Months.
Total Immersion.

If you're serious about building a business, you need to go all-in in order to make meaningful progress. Emergence is an immersive, live-in accelerator where you'll spend 3 months working alongside other dedicated founders to make massive strides with your business venture.
Program Overview
1. Live
Emergence is a live-in accelerator, meaning you'll move onsite into the beautiful Kindred Hall in Baltimore for the 3 month program. You'll have your own furnished room & bathroom, and share kitchen, living, and office space with your fellow cohort members.
The Space
2. Learn
During your stay, you'll progress through a curriculum designed to help you make measurable progress on your venture. This includes daily guidance from live-in mentors as well as fitness & wellness experts to keep you performing at your best.
The Curriculum
3. Launch
Whether you are just starting on your idea or need to take the next big steps with your business, we'll connect you to the advisors, partners, and investors needed to accelerator your progress. You also have 24/7 access to live-in mentors and your fellow cohort founders.
The Perks

Community During COVID

Due to COVID, most accelerators have been forced online, ruining the magic that comes with putting talented people in the same space. At Emergence, your household is full of all the people you need to connect, build, and flourish in a safe & contained environment. All participants are required to provide a negative COVID test before moving in, and safety & cleaning protocols are strictly followed.
Live-in Mentors
Attached to Kindred Hall are two separate units, where our Program Leads live and work. This means you have 24/7 access to mentors whose focus is helping you build a successful venture - and all of them have direct experience founding different types of ventures.
On-site Wellness Experts
We have on-site & certified yoga instructors and personal trainers who will lead you through a health & wellness curriculum. Any external experts we bring in are screened for COVID, and our space provides ample room for indoor & outdoor socially-distant interaction.
House of Founders
We take a look at all the applications we receive and curate a group of founders who we think will live & work well together. Your cohort becomes your housemates, friends, and business connections, all in one. It's the best community you can get during COVID.
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Founder-First Program

Emergence is built around helping founders perform at their best. We consider all types of ventures with a revenue model - whether you're building a small business, tech startup, or self-sustaining nonprofit - and curate each cohort to ensure founder's receive the best program for their unique needs.
Program Overview
Customized Mentors
Many accelerators choose their mentors before they even know what their cohort looks like. We rely on our extensive network to find mentors that match the needs of your venture, after we get to know your needs.
Wellness and Work
Founders can't perform at their best if their physical and mental wellness is lacking. That's why in addition to the business-building curriculum, we provide physical and mental training for cohort members.
Total Immersion, No Hassle
At Emergence, we want you focused on building your business, not worrying about furnishing a room or finding a good desk. Our environment was designed so that your living experience is optimized for focusing on your venture & wellbeing.

Meet The Program Directors

The Emergence curriculum is spearheaded by Pava LaPere and Kevin Carter. Together, they founded the official accelerators at Johns Hopkins University and bring over a decade of accelerator & teaching experience. Drawing from their vast networks that reach coast-to-coast, Pava & Kevin customize the curriculum, mentors, and milestones for each founder, ensuring that all Emergence participants have the plans & resources they need to achieve their goals.
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Living at Emergence Baltimore

Furnished Rooms + Private Bath
As a member of the Emergence Baltimore cohort, you will receive your own private 200 sq ft. bedroom + bathroom within the 4,000 sq ft. Kindred Hall. You will receive a bed, desk, and ample closet space along with standard bathroom toiletries to make you feel right at home. Additionally, you'll be able to bring your own personal items to make your room feel like your own.
Shared Community & Office Space
In addition to your private bedroom + bathroom, you will have access to the entire Kindred Hall communal space. This includes a spacious stocked kitchen, an elongated dining room table, a cozy living room that contains a large TV + upright piano, and individual desk coves located throughout the space.
Fitness, Wellness, and Mindfulness Training
Emergence Baltimore is well-equipped to take care of your mind, body, and spirit while living at Kindred Hall. We have a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor living on premises who will lead complementary classes throughout your time here. Wellness is a top priority for our community.
Access to Ministry Lofts Ammenities
As a part of the Ministry Lofts complex, you will receive access to the same perks as their full-time residents, including: a downstairs fitness center, indoor and outdoor lounge space, and 50% off at the nearby Ministry of Brewing brewery. Located in Upper Fells, you are also only three blocks away from the Baltimore-famous Patterson Park complex.
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Emergence Curriculum

Customized to Each Cohort
Our Program Team has extensive experience in creating entrepreneurial curriculum through their work in launching Johns Hopkins University's first accelerator program. We will modify our curriculum for each Emergence Baltimore cohort based on the actual needs that our participants have.
Hand-Selected Mentors
The Emergence Baltimore founding team is connected to a wide variety of experienced entrepreneurs, both in Baltimore and beyond. We will select custom mentors from this pool in order to create the most optimal matches with our cohort of founders and make sure that there is both a business & culture fit.
Founder-First Programming
We are dedicated to growing ventures by providing their founders with everything that they need in order to flourish. This means an emphasis on taking care of the person behind the business instead of just the business itself. We believe that means a convergence of community, entrepreneurial programming, and wellness for our founders.
Focus on Massive Progress
We are seeking founders who strive to make colossal progress on their business in a three-month time frame. Our Programs Team will work with each founder individually to come up with a set of ambitious Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to complete by Demo Day and then empower them with all of the resources needed in order to accomplish them.
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Launch Your Business

Customized Mentors
Most accelerator programs have a set list of mentors in mind before they even choose the cohort. How does that make sense? At Emergence Baltimore we have an extensive pool of mentors, instructors, and subject matter experts that we draw from only after we have our cohort established.
Founder Community
Launching a venture is hard. Doing so without a community is even harder. By joining Emergence Baltimore, you will gain an instant built-in community, not only with your fellow live-in founders, but through their collective networks. Come to Kindred Hall and build your venture as well as a community.
Program Perks
Emergence Baltimore is so much more than a place to live while working on your venture. You will receive unlimited coffee/tea/snacks, at least one meal a day, and access to a talented group of creatives at your disposal that will help you make progress every day you're living at Kindred Hall.
Exclusive Demo Day
A Demo Day is the crescendo of any accelerator program. Emergence Baltimore is no different. You'll be able to pitch your venture to a select group of local investors and community members, either virtually or in-person (COVID permitting). You will also receive a high-quality, edited version of your pitch to be shared with your family, friends, and supporters after the event.
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Experience Kindred Hall

Once Parish Hall of the oldest continuously operating Redemptorist Catholic church in Baltimore, Kindred Hall is located within the Ministry Lofts complex in Baltimore's Washington Hill neighborhood. 6 units and a kitchen were added to the historic theatre to create a 4000+ sqft co-living space, which is now the home of Emergence Baltimore.

Cohort Schedule

Emergence Baltimore runs three cohorts, with two of them being live-in and the other being open: 

Fall Cohort: Sep 15th - Dec 15th, Live-in

Spring Cohort: Feb 1st - May 1st, Live-in

Summer Cohort: June 1st - July 31st, Open

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